May 2, 2013

Weekend break: monkey forest

Sometimes you just have to take a little weekend break, away from all the stress, staying in a lodge somewhere in the forest doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well ofcourse that's not really possible, so we ate, we played a game of mini golf and we tested our bowling skills. The one and only trip we made was to a monkey forest. I love animals, and the great thing about this monkey forest is the fact that all the monkeys run around freely. None of them are caged, not even the gorilla's (but they are on an island so they can't get close to you, thank goodness). Anywayz... here are some amazing monkey pics I would like to share with you:

Hi there
Gorilla mother & son

There was actually a gorilla fight going on and this female anxiously watched the whole thing happen. Funny how 'human' they act.

Two little monkeys on a ridge

Mr Miyagi

King Julian

Amazing little monkey

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