May 31, 2013

Twitter tip: @Earth_Pics

Since I'm not able to travel very much, I need my daily dose of beautiful travel images so I can at least virtually travel the world every single day. Well, I know where to get this free daily dose of travel pics: Just follow @Earth_Pics on twitter. This account serves you about 45 amazing pictures a day, and every single one of them is enviable. It makes me want to grab my camera, hop on a plane and go to a random location on this planet. 

First of all I need to be clear about one thing: the pictures are not taken by anyone from Earth_Pics. They are made by many photographers all over the world and Earth_Pics only collects the images and makes them easily available to the public. Well, thanks Earth_Pics :). 

I usually start my day with a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal and some gorgeous Earth_Pics pictures... The perfect morning ritual, don't you think? Well, let's take a look at these amazing photos:

Of course Earth_Pics provides you with the most relaxing pictures out there. Look at these beautiful beaches and fantastic holiday homes. Who doesn't want to swim around in that beautiful clear blue sea or drink a nice cocktail in one of those resorts. Well, I do!

Furthermore you'll see amazing photos of the earth's natural beauty, like for example a starry night over Sweden, or a foggy Great Wall in China. The pictures are probably photoshopped a bit, but that doesn't matter to me. They are amazing and I want to visit those places asap!

Animals are of great importance to the earth, so Earth_Pics also shows you the cutest animal pictures, like for example that little tiny polar bear or those funny owls. The good thing is: they also bring up more serious subjects, of which the Koala is a good example. The Koala sat there for over an hour, because his home used to be there and forest had just been felled. Hopefully many people are touched by such pictures (I am!) and hopefully they will pay more attention to what they consume (less palm oil).

Anyhow: I am a huge fan of Earth_Pics. The photos are amazing and it really makes me want to visit every little remote corner of the earth. I cannot wait to go on my backpacking trip and take breathtaking pics!

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