Jun 2, 2013

New in: Lushious Lush products!

I already told you about my little Lush Wishlist earlier, and I also mentioned that it's a bit too expensive for me since I am saving up all my money to go on my trip next year. Luckily my boyfriend decided that I deserved a little gift, so he bought me 2 of my wish list items (and a little shampoo bar tin). Want to take a look?

First of: Seanik shampoo. This ocean inspired shampoo bar promises to soften the hair and to make it shiny and bouncy. I also got a little tin in order to keep the shampoo bar safe and dry. It's also easy when going travelling: it's really small and doesn't take up any place in your backpack.

Next: the Big Solid conditioner. When taking it out of the wrapping, I felt like an easy melting product, although the website says it's not. I'm very curious how long this solid conditioner survives, and whether it survives the high temperatures. If it doesn't, I'll probably take a bottle of conditioner with me on my trip. 

Whenever you place a Lush order, they pamper you with extra samples. I ordered a Full Of Grace Serum sample and a Karma Komba solid shampoo bar sample. The latter unfortunately wasn't in the package, but I got two other samples instead.

Lovely Jubblies: a breast cream (also useful on other body parts, like bottom and thighs) which keeps the skin firm and soft.

Trichomania solid shampoo: A rich and creamy solid shampoo with coconut in it to nourish and soften dry and/or curly hair. This would be great for me (since I have dry and somewhat curly hair), but unfortunately it melts in high temperatures. So it's not the best shampoo when backpacking in Asia.

Full of Grace serum: I just wanted to give this serum a try. I am very curious whether this solid serum is nourishing and moisturizing, like the website claims it is.

I cannot wait to try these products. I'll try to keep a record of how many washes the shampoo and conditioner last, because I'm not so sure about the 'it lasts as long as three regular shampoo bottles' story. I'll keep you posted!


  1. OHHH i love lush!!!!

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  2. wil ik ook eens ff uitproberen!