Jul 21, 2013

GoPro | Epic

First of all: I'm sorry it has been a while since my last blogpost. Summer has finally arrived, so I've been enjoying the weather quite a lot over the last month. I didn't use my computer at all, except at work. After an 8 hour work day behind the screen, I don't really feel like spending another few hours behind it to make some blog posts. But here I am, with a little update about something I'm pretty enthusiastic about.

Have you ever heard of GoPro? Well, I certainly have, since I am a huge "extreme" sports fan. I love snowboarding, I have been surfing in Indonesia and cycling is also on my list of hobbies. The GoPro camera is a camera with which you can make amazing videos from, for example, sports. It's a waterproof and shockproof camera which is easy to attach to a helmet or any other part of the body because of various additional accessories. There is a camera mount for almost every sport! Several professional snowboarders, divers, skiers, mountainbikers, skydivers and more athletes are being sponsored by GoPro, so they can take their cam to make spectacular pictures and videos.

The next videos are both solely shot on GoPro cameras:

For those who love the song in the GoPro Hero3 video as much as I do: it's Overwerk with Daybreak (GoPro edit). You can download it for free right here.

Whilst in Asia next year I am going to do a bungee jump in Nepal. I'm also planning on swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines. On these occasions a GoPro would be an amazing accessory, don't you think? Too bad the camera itself, without the special and essential accessories, costs around €450,- (GoPro Black Edition). Considering I could eat/sleep/live for a month in Asia for the same amount of money, you can imagine this GoPro camera won't find its way to my house anytime soon. But that's okay. I'll just keep watching these breathtaking videos on youtube to get my daily dose of GoPro epicness.  

Watch all the GoPro videos on their YouTube channel

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  1. I love GoPro! And those vids are amazing!