Apr 26, 2013

Contest: design your own Samsonite!

FINALLY there is a great new online competition. A contest with which you can win some awesome stuff. Curious yet?

Samsonite has come up with a fun contest in which students can design their own print which will actually go in production on a limited edition Samsonite Curv suitcase.  How amazing is that? The reason why they are doing this contest is the introduction of a new print proces. Very interesting, but what is that great prize you can win?

Apr 24, 2013

Travel tattoo ideas

Tattoos: you either love 'em or you hate 'em. I absolutely love (most) tattoos and I like the idea of telling a story with the ink on one's body. I have got one tattoo myself and I got it about 7 years ago after graduating high school. I already knew back then that someday my tattoo would have a little friend.

Since I am a travel addict, a travel tattoo seems like a good plan to me. So I've been surfing around the internet for quite some time now to find a suitable design to match my personal ideas. I came up with the following travel tattoo ideas, but I am not sure yet which one I will turn into a real tattoo....

Apr 22, 2013

Food: Carpaccio tortilla

I absolutely love eating a good lunch on a sunny terrace in the city. One of my favourite lunch places of all time has an amazing dish on the menu: The Carpaccio Tortilla. I never would have come up with the idea of putting carpaccio in a tortilla, but it actually makes a very nice lunch dish.

Beef carpaccio tortilla with rocket lettuce. Deliciousness!
So I tried the recipe at home and I would like to share it with you. Well, it's actually not really a recipe because it doesn't involve any cooking or mixing ingredients whatsoever. Anywayz.. 

Today's recipe: Carpaccio tortilla

Apr 19, 2013

Food: Tomato soup with basil

Okay, here it is: my very first recipe on Yellow With a Black Edge. Since I am a huuuuge soup lover, I would like to share my healthy tomato soup recipe with you. It's very easy, it's very cheap and it's very very good. Are you curious?

Today's recipe is....  Homemade tomato soup with basil

Apr 17, 2013

Paris Hotel behind the Bellagio fountains

Paris Hotel behind the Bellagio fountains
Destination: Las Vegas, USA
Date: August, 2009

Apr 15, 2013

Apr 13, 2013

Art is the proper task of life

Art is the proper task of life (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Destination: Lombok, Indonesia
Date: April, 2012

Apr 11, 2013

Backpacking Itinerary when travelling through Asia

Let me tell you something before I will present to you my backpacking planning.
I. Am. A. Lousy. Planner.
I truly am. I can't even plan a trip to the grocery store without freaking out, since I am very easily distracted and... hey look, a bird in the backyard.... 

Angkor Wat in Cambodia. So beautiful. 

Anywayz, back to the planning. So it took me a while (and some serious headaches), but I've finally decided upon a planning which makes me happy. The schedule is not too busy, but it still allows me to see a lot of the country. Perfect, you would say. Yes, but sacrifices were made. India is out of the route. No India, no Taj Mahal, no nothing. On one hand I find it a bit sad, since I am going to travel to that side of the planet I could easily make a little stop in India, but on the other hand I want a relaxing trip and that's impossible with India in the planning. Bye bye India. 

But what does the route look like right now? Well... here it is!

Apr 9, 2013

Apr 7, 2013

Apr 5, 2013

Backpacking: The Final Destination

It's been a while, so I think it's time for an update. Travel buddy and bestie G. and I finally decided upon a final destination for our trip. At first we wanted to chill out on the Maledives before going back home. Just doing nothing, laying on the beach, drinking cocktails... I think you will get the picture. Unfortunately the Maledives are relatively expensive and since backpacking is kind of surviving on an ultra low budget, 'expensive' is not in our dictionary. Bye bye Maledives.

Our new travel destination... can you guess where it is?

A couple of days ago, G and I got together over coffee and decided upon a new final destination. It was a brief 'meeting' because we both felt the same way. Are you curious? Well, it's still not a 100% certain yet (Indonesia is still a possibility), but for now we will end our backpacking trip innnn.....

Apr 3, 2013

The Alps in the winter time

The Alps in the winter time
Destination: Austria, Gerlos
Date: January, 2013

Apr 1, 2013