Apr 11, 2013

Backpacking Itinerary when travelling through Asia

Let me tell you something before I will present to you my backpacking planning.
I. Am. A. Lousy. Planner.
I truly am. I can't even plan a trip to the grocery store without freaking out, since I am very easily distracted and... hey look, a bird in the backyard.... 

Angkor Wat in Cambodia. So beautiful. 

Anywayz, back to the planning. So it took me a while (and some serious headaches), but I've finally decided upon a planning which makes me happy. The schedule is not too busy, but it still allows me to see a lot of the country. Perfect, you would say. Yes, but sacrifices were made. India is out of the route. No India, no Taj Mahal, no nothing. On one hand I find it a bit sad, since I am going to travel to that side of the planet I could easily make a little stop in India, but on the other hand I want a relaxing trip and that's impossible with India in the planning. Bye bye India. 

But what does the route look like right now? Well... here it is!

The trip will take 5 months in total. We'll stay in Singapore relatively long in comparison to the other countries, but there's a reason for that. We will visit a friend who lives there, so he will show us the city and we can stay at his appartment. Hello luxury, hello nice shower, hello nice bed. Aw yiss!

Furthermore my boyfriend will visit me somewhere in Myanmar & Laos, so I don't have to miss him for 5 whole months. My bestie & travel friend G. will hop on a plane when I'm somewhere in Thailand. We'll travel together for the last two months. Sounds like a great deal of fun, don't you think?

I already made a little budget-per-day overview per country. I will make a seperate post about that when I'm done with it. 

I cannot explain to you how much I'm looking forward to this trip. I've been wanting to do this since I was about 16 years old (I'm 24, almost 25 now), so it's kind of a dream coming true. Travelling is my number one hobby. I'd love to see every little corner of the earth, from Antarctica to the Sahara. Too bad it's so expensive. Winning the lottery would be nice ;). 

Pic 1 via here, pic 2 via here (adapted it with text myself)
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