Aug 23, 2013

Shopping: Protest gift voucher

Hi, my name is Lucky. Lucky Bastard.

Well, not literally of course. But you could say that I'm one lucky girl since I won a €50,- gift voucher which I can spend in the Protest Online Shop! (Thank you Nadja)! I am a huge fan of Protest. One of their board shorts already found its way into my closet last year, and now I can choose another Protest item from their webshop. One problem though: I can't choose!

Aug 22, 2013

Travel tip: saving money in the perfect piggy bank

Since I'm currently saving up almost every penny I have, I don't have much to write about, except for this great money-saving-tip I have for you guys. It's called a can coin bank, and I think it's absolutely brilliant.

Aug 11, 2013

Solar Weekend Festival!

Sunset at the House of House on Solar Weekend Festival
It. Was. Amazing.
I love festivals, and there are still a couple of famous festivals on my 'to-visit-list', like Coachella, Burning Man & Glastonbury. But luckily we have Solar. It's a weekend festival in The Netherlands which is absolutely unique. They create an absolute fabulous festival terrain with lots of creative influences, It's of course mainly about music. They have an amazing House of House and Main Stage, but also other creative things like a theatre area, a jukebox area, you can get married on Solar Festival, you can get massages and play drums... it's just a very nice place to be. Especially when the sun is shining.

Aug 9, 2013

Which gadgets to take on a backpacking trip?

So I am going to travel... alone. I know, you'll never actually be alone, since there are many solo backpackers who you'll meet along the way. But it's nice to have at least some gadgets to enjoy yourself while on long train rides or when you can't sleep at night, like an e-reader. Also, I'd love to take pictures of the amazing places I visit, so a camera is kind of a necessity. Furthermore I'd like to keep in touch with the home front. In short: I have a list of gadgets which ideally would all get a little spot in my backpack. Let's take a look:

Jul 21, 2013

GoPro | Epic

First of all: I'm sorry it has been a while since my last blogpost. Summer has finally arrived, so I've been enjoying the weather quite a lot over the last month. I didn't use my computer at all, except at work. After an 8 hour work day behind the screen, I don't really feel like spending another few hours behind it to make some blog posts. But here I am, with a little update about something I'm pretty enthusiastic about.

Jun 2, 2013

New in: Lushious Lush products!

I already told you about my little Lush Wishlist earlier, and I also mentioned that it's a bit too expensive for me since I am saving up all my money to go on my trip next year. Luckily my boyfriend decided that I deserved a little gift, so he bought me 2 of my wish list items (and a little shampoo bar tin). Want to take a look?

May 31, 2013

Twitter tip: @Earth_Pics

Since I'm not able to travel very much, I need my daily dose of beautiful travel images so I can at least virtually travel the world every single day. Well, I know where to get this free daily dose of travel pics: Just follow @Earth_Pics on twitter. This account serves you about 45 amazing pictures a day, and every single one of them is enviable. It makes me want to grab my camera, hop on a plane and go to a random location on this planet.