Aug 11, 2013

Solar Weekend Festival!

Sunset at the House of House on Solar Weekend Festival
It. Was. Amazing.
I love festivals, and there are still a couple of famous festivals on my 'to-visit-list', like Coachella, Burning Man & Glastonbury. But luckily we have Solar. It's a weekend festival in The Netherlands which is absolutely unique. They create an absolute fabulous festival terrain with lots of creative influences, It's of course mainly about music. They have an amazing House of House and Main Stage, but also other creative things like a theatre area, a jukebox area, you can get married on Solar Festival, you can get massages and play drums... it's just a very nice place to be. Especially when the sun is shining.

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here are a tiny few pics to give you an idea of the incredible atmosphere on Solar Weekend Festival.

This is the House of House. It's partly on a beach and the temperatures were sky high. The 'doll house' in the back is actually the DJ booth. Great atmosphere, great DJs, great music, great people, great weather... Love it!

Of course you gotta eat. This is actually the food-street where you can get lots of different food. Fries with burgers, spring rolls, rice dishes, poffertjes (small dutch pancakes), oysters, sandwiches, smoothies... they have it all. It's very expensive though, but that's quite normal on festivals, right? 

Lots of chillaxing people, lots of funny 'buildings', lots of sun & water... the atmosphere is very unique. It's sold out every year, and that's for a good reason.

I'm sorry for the extreme lack of pictures. I was out there partying myself and I only took a couple. The atmosphere is actually very hard to capture on a photo, so if you ever visit the Netherlands, make sure to visit Solar yourself. Forget PinkPop... just go to Solar. It's a decision you won't regret!


  1. Supergaaf! Ik wou dat ik erbij was!



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