Apr 26, 2013

Contest: design your own Samsonite!

FINALLY there is a great new online competition. A contest with which you can win some awesome stuff. Curious yet?

Samsonite has come up with a fun contest in which students can design their own print which will actually go in production on a limited edition Samsonite Curv suitcase.  How amazing is that? The reason why they are doing this contest is the introduction of a new print proces. Very interesting, but what is that great prize you can win?

Well, the winner will have their design printed on a limited edition Samsonite suitcase, which actually will go in production. That is already pretty amazeballs. Of course you will get a set of suitcases with your very own print on it. Which is pretty great as well. On top of that, you will win a $3000,- travel voucher (flight & lodging) to New York or Capetown (omg omg omg!). You can imagine that I (creative travel addict, nice to meet you) would LOVE to participate in this contest...


I can't.

Why not, you are wondering? Well, Samsonite thought it would be fun to make the contest ONLY available to art/design students or graduates. Unfortunately I am neither of those. I am a creative travel addict, but apparently that isn't enough. (so if you'll excuse me I am going to sit in that corner crying for a sec ;-) )

But the people who happen to be a design/art student or graduate can participate. Just go to  www.designmysamsonite.com and present your design. On the website you will also find inspiration, templates and background information. Also, you can view entries of other contestants.
Good luck!

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