Apr 22, 2013

Food: Carpaccio tortilla

I absolutely love eating a good lunch on a sunny terrace in the city. One of my favourite lunch places of all time has an amazing dish on the menu: The Carpaccio Tortilla. I never would have come up with the idea of putting carpaccio in a tortilla, but it actually makes a very nice lunch dish.

Beef carpaccio tortilla with rocket lettuce. Deliciousness!
So I tried the recipe at home and I would like to share it with you. Well, it's actually not really a recipe because it doesn't involve any cooking or mixing ingredients whatsoever. Anywayz.. 

Today's recipe: Carpaccio tortilla

What do you need?
- Ready-to-eat beef carpaccio (mine included cheese flakes, pine nuts and dressing)
- Whole weat tortillas
- Rocket lettuce
- Aceto balsamico glaze
- Truffle mayonnaise (optional)
- Some sea salt and pepper

(Put some truffle mayonnaise on the tortilla and spread it out evenly). Then add some aceto balsamico glaze. Next, add a layer of rocket lettuce and divide one portion of carpaccio on top of the lettuce. Add the cheese flakes, pine nuts and dressing and season the whole thing with some salt and pepper. Then roll it up into a little sausage and you are finished. 

This is probably the most easy and delicious lunch for a sunny saturday afternoon, don't you think?
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