Mar 26, 2013

Camera found after drifting 6 years in the Pacific Ocean

If you ask me, losing your camera on vacation is one of the worst things that can happen, apart from dying or getting seriously hurt. I truly believe that my pictures are the most valuable assets I have with me on a trip. You can imagine how Lindsay Crumbley Scallan must have felt when her diving camera disappeared into the depths of the ocean 6 years ago when diving in Maui.

Well, you wouldn't believe it, but the camera was found a month ago... in Taiwan. The camera drifted almost 10.000km through the ocean and was found last month on a beach in Taitung.

After six years in the salty water of the Pacific Ocean, the camera and memory card are still intact, so China Airlines has offered the women a free round-trip to Taiwan so she can come collect her camera with her precious Hawaii memories on it.

The actual camera after drifting through the Pacific Ocean
for six years.
Lindsay lost her diving camera in August 2007 during a diving trip in Maui. It was found by a guy named Douglas Cheng, who happens to be a manager at China Airlines, while he was strolling down the beach on the east coast of Taiwan last february. The memory card revealed where the camera had been lost. He probably mentioned his findings at work, because China Airlines launehed a search to identify the owner of the device. On monday the 25th of March, the happy news reached Mrs Scallan.

Kudos for China Airlines for finding the rightful owner of the device and double kudos for Canon, for making such indestructable cameras.

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